Akosua Lesesne

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Akosua brings to this work fourteen years of teaching and district leadership experience in predominantly Black and Latinx urban districts. Prior to joining reDesign, Akosua served as the Director of Integrated Learning in the Office of Educational Technology, School District of Philadelphia (SDP). In this role she directed the implementation of the district Blended Learning Initiative (BLI) in 36 schools, and provided support to SDP’s school leaders as they implemented blended learning instructional models. Akosua's career began as a high school social studies teacher in the Florida school district where she received her elementary and secondary education- Broward County.


In the spirit of the educators who personally constructed empowering educational experiences for her, as a teenage parent and an at-promise youth, Akosua strives to shield and inspire the young people who are too often considered disposable.  She also seeks to honor- and study- the deep and rich legacy of the Black educators who protected, empowered, and transformed the lives of Black children through their pedagogy during the Jim Crow era and beyond. It is out of these passionate commitments that she and a group of Broward County colleagues imagined and launched a Black male peer mentoring program, Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders (MTL), designed to address the opportunity gap. Ak was a member of the grant writing team which garnered $5 million grant to expand MTL. At this time she left the classroom to serve as the MTL Program and Grant Manager. MTL quickly became (and remains) one of the district’s flagship programs, expanding across several high schools. After leaving Broward County, Akosua brought her expertise to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and the Barack Obama Green Charter High School in NJ.


Akosua brings years of experience inside and outside of the classroom advocating for, facilitating, and championing, equal access to high quality instruction on behalf of at-promise student populations. As a teenage mother, Akosua had firsthand experience of the transformative power of engaging, rigorous, culturally relevant, and social justice-oriented curriculum, with its potential for equipping students to transcend obstacles they face and unleash their potential to change the world. She strongly encourages others working to empower students to do the same. Akosua holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University, and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Tufts University. She is currently enrolled in the Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.