Charles Minton

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As a young black kid growing up in single parent household in New York City, it has always been Charles’ passion to become a change agent for young people with similar challenging socioeconomic circumstances. Charles desire for educating youth began his senior year in college as a math tutor at a community center. Soon after, Charles was accepted as a New York City Teaching Fellow in 2007.  As part of the teaching fellowship, he continued his education at Long Island University and obtained a Masters of Art in Education.

As a high school math and special education teacher in Brooklyn New York, Charles achieved a number of milestones including a significant number of his students in his Algebra, Biology and Chemistry classes exceeding expectations on the state Regents exams. As Dean of school culture in New Jersey, he mentored teachers and conducted learning walks to support academic and cultural excellence. Moreover, Charles has also served as a school liaison with various community organizations such as Everfi, I2 learning, and the Urban League to further support STEM education.

Charles continued his education and graduated from Seton Hall University with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership Management and Policy. While serving as a school administrator, Charles’ role entailed curriculum development and coaching teachers across content areas. While focusing on school culture, Charles facilitated staff training on maintaining effective student-teacher relationships, development of classroom management protocols, and fostering positive parent partnerships within the school community.

Charles is passionate about urban education and strongly believes that all young people possess tremendous talent and  powerful voices that can be used to drive their academic achievement. He believes it is essential for teachers to use  a social justice framework to learn about their students’ experiences and interests in order to improve their learning experience.  Charles looks forward to increasing the scope of his work through working in various school districts across the country, using cutting-edge reDesign instructional practices, to give all students the self-confidence and awareness to make a difference in their community.  

During his free time, Charles enjoys family time with his wife and son, reading and engaging in various physical activities such as basketball and yoga.