Competency-based Curriculum Design Part 1

DATES: FIRST OFFERING: June 27-29, 2017; SECOND OFFERING: August 22-24th

LOCATION: *Crowdsourced

COST: $450 (Early bird: $395 by April 10)





Competency-based curriculum design is at the bleeding edge of curriculum work. In this institute you'll have the chance to participate in a major paradigm shift in the field, unhinging learning from the antiquated ways of linear sequences, speedy content coverage, and one path to crediting.



BOYC: Bring your own competencies! In this design workshop, you'll learn a powerful methodology for designing engaging and rigorous curriculum that aligns to your school's competencies (If you don't have competencies, worry not! We'll work with you to define your learning targets for the unit). This particular curriculum design model emphasizes student choice and exploration in learning, high levels of scaffolding to support high-order thinking and collaboration, and self-paced, technology-enabled learning. As a result of this experience, you will:


  • Learn and apply a research-based methodology for developing engaging, competency-based units of study
  • Develop an engaging, competency-based, problem-based unit of study


Interested in checking out an exemplar unit of study designed using this particular methodology? Click below to explore a student-facing unit of study that we call an "Exploration." Explorations are problem-based units of study that combine engaging real-world issues, a highly scaffolded investigation of diverse learning resources and learning activities, and meaningful opportunities to build and apply target competencies.



The artifacts showcased in the Google Slide above are shared to give you a sense of the design outcomes for this reDesign Institute: a unit of study ("Exploration)" constructed around a research-based learning cycle, designed to foster a metacognitive, student-driven approach to learning.


This Instititute is part of reDesign's spring and summer series of Competency-based Education (CBE) Institutes, which also includes: Leading the Way: Designing Competency-based Systems (for school and district leaders) and Meeting Students Where They Are: Competency-based Instruction in Action . Each Institute will model CBE best practice, with multiple entry points, on-demand small group mini-lessons and feedback support, one-on-one coaching, and self-pacing.



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We are glad you are asking! If this sounds like you, the answer is yes:


  • I'm super keen to delve into a methodology for designing highly engaging, problem-based units of study
  • I want to explore new ways to increase student choice and agency in the learning process
  • I could use some support figuring out how to design units that are self-paced, but that don't cut the teacher, or collaboration with other students, out of the equation
  • I'm looking for ways to teach both content and skills in an integrated and authentic way



We're excited to hear from you. Reach out to Lena for questions or more information:


co-facilitated by:

Sydney Schaef, M.B.A., M.Ed., is a designer and consultant at reDesign. Sydney has 12+ years of experience, both domestic and international, as a teacher, school designer, and education nonprofit leader. She brings an organizational development lens, a knack for visual thinking, and lots of positive energy to the work. Sydney is the author of Five Key Lessons of Mastery Learning Startup. She lives in Lancaster, PA with her family.



co-facilitated by:

John Altbergs, MAT, is a designer and knowledge-builder at reDesign. Jon has 30+ years of experience as a teacher, school leader, and designer. He is wicked smart, wonderfully pragmatic, and endlessly creative. He truly has the mind and skillset of a designer, making powerful, synergistic connections that lay the groundwork for awesome and energizing learning experiences. Jon hangs with his family in New Hampshire.




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