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Choose a Purpose & an Event Format_PaE


What will be the purpose of your event? How will you structure your event to ensure the purpose is achieved?
Consider the research you have done and decide how your event can make a difference according to the issue or problem you have discovered.


Time To Complete 

1 Day

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.R.1
  • CCRA.SL.1
  • CCRA.SL.2

I Can Statements 

  • I can identify my purpose and match my purpose to an event format.
  • I will know my choice of purpose and event format are of high quality if I can explain how they are in alignment with one another.

Assessing Student Readiness to Move to the Next Formative Task:

  • Confer with students asking them to briefly describe their plan for addressing purpose in their work to gauge their readiness to move on.
Possible Activities 
    • Do a mini-lesson revealing different types of purposes for social action events including:
      • Raising awareness
      • Advocating
      • Uniting
      • Gaining knowledge
      • Improving attitudes
      • Changing behavior
      • Developing skills
      • Building beliefs
      • Protesting or speak out
      • Persuading others to take a specific action
      • Celebrating
      • Commemorating
      • Fundraising
      • Providing a service 
  1. Give students real-world examples of various events (such as sit-ins, rallies, AIDS Ride, or Walk for Hunger) and have them match events to their purpose.  Have students share in groups and provide a rationale to justify their choices. 

  2. Give students a list of cases. For example, you are someone who is very concerned about the problem of obesity in middle school students and want to ensure more students know how to make healthy choices.  Have students work in pairs to come up with an event purpose and a sample event they may have to achieve their purpose.

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