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Choosing a Multimedia Platform_Multimedia


How do I choose which technological platform would be most efficient and engaging for my topic, audience, and purpose?
Choose the platform you will use to create your presentation.   

Time To Complete 

2+ Days

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.SL.4
  • CCRA.SL.5
  • CCRA.W.6

I Can Statements 


  • I can:
    • Identify criteria for selecting an appropriate multimedia platform
    • Choose an appropriate multimedia platform for my presentation using self-identified criteria
  • I will know my process for choosing a multimedia platform is of high quality when:
    • It is based on clear and relevant criteria such as the needs of my audience or features



Possible Activities 
  1. Give students a mini-lesson on the various programs and platforms available for creating multimedia presentations, with a focus on the pros and cons of different platforms

  2. Offer students a chance to look at exemplars of various platforms, this time with the purpose of identifying the pros and cons discussed in the mini-lessons

  3. Give students sample topics, audiences, and purposes and have them work in teams to choose a multimedia platform.  Students can present their choices to the class and defend their ideas with the pros and cons of the platform.  Students can also debate the best platform for a topic and audience.  For example, you might give one group the example that you are presenting the importance of handwashing to a group of second graders to ensure they don’t get sick in the winter. To another group you can give the example of presenting to a group of adults preparing to work in the food industry the importance of washing one’s hands.  

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