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Connect Text-To-Self_Reflective


How can I use text-to-self connections to better understand and engage with what I read?
Learn to make connections between what you are reading and your own experiences.

Common Core Standards Assessed: CCRA.RL.10

Time To Complete 

4-6 hours

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.R.1

I Can Statements 

  • I can:
    • Make connections that help me figure out what a text is about when the material is not familiar to me to me
    • Explain to someone else how to make text-to-self connections
  • I will know my text-to-self connections are of high quality when they:
    • Help me figure out what a text is about

Suggestions for Assessing Student Readiness to Move Forward:

  • Confer with students, asking them to share their text-to-self connections.
  • Ask students to self-evaluate their work after completing one of the activities below. 


Possible Activities 
  1. Model reading a text aloud, while displaying it to the students.  As you read, stop periodically and briefly describe a connection you can make between something you are reading and something from your own experience.  Jot down the connection if you want, but don’t stop long enough to significantly disrupt the reading.  Think aloud about the words or events in the text that lead to the connections, and why (e.g., “When I read ___ , this makes me think about ____ because ____.”).   Model making a wide variety of connections, and primarily choose connections that connect to important aspects of the story.

  2. Students should practice making text-to-self connections in groups and individually by reading texts and stopping periodically.

    • In groups of two to four, students should take turns reading a text aloud, with each student sharing text-to-self connections as they read.  They can record their connections on chart paper and present some of them to the class.
    • Have students read a text individually, and record text-to-self connections in two-column notes or on Post-its.
    • They should continue various forms of practice until they are adept at making text-to-self connections.
  3. After several days of practice and once they have achieved mastery, students should write a reflective summary of their chosen text including: a summary, a discussion of theme, questions, and text-to-self connections.  This reflective summary should be included in their portfolio.

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