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Extension Ideas_DBQ


How else can you use document-based questions?
Explore multiple ways that document-based questions can be used in other contexts. 

Time To Complete 


Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.R.1
  • CCRA.R.2
  • CCRA.R.4
  • CCRA.R.6
  • CCRA.R.7
  • CCRA.W.2
  • CCRA.W.4
  • CCRA.W.5
  • CCRA.W.8
Possible Activities 
  1. Have students create their own DBQ based on a topic they find interesting by gathering multiple, varied documents that are a mixture of primary and secondary sources. Rather than writing the essay, have them compile all of the documents in a PowerPoint and present it to the class. This could also be a part of a student research project where you ask students to include at least two primary source documents. 

  2. Make the document analysis a part of an infographic. Ask students to research data and create tables or graphs to represent that data. 

  3. In preparation for standardized tests, have students do a timed DBQ. You can decide how many documents and how long to give students depending on the structure of the test and individual student ability. 

  4. There are a lot of opportunities for cross-curricular work with DBQ’s. Political cartoons could be drawn in an art course, or photographs could be analyzed. Students could take photographs in an art class, then as part of a DBQ they could generate the questions that would help people critically analyze the photographs they took. The data collection and creation of charts or graphs could be combined with mathematics units, from scatter plots to statistical analysis.

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