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Practice and Prepare_DBQ


How do you prepare to write a timed DBQ Essay?
Practice and prepare for a document-based question.

Time To Complete 

1-2 Hours

I Can Statements 

  • I can:
    • Manage my time appropriately while responding to a timed DBQ
  • I will know my practice and preparation are of high quality when:
    • My response to the DBQ is completed to the best of my ability within the given time constraint


Suggestions for Assessing Student Readiness to Move Forward:

  • Confer with students to gauge their level of preparedness for a timed DBQ.
  • Ask students to use rubrics or checklists to self-assess their work and develop a plan for further revision or editing.
Possible Activities 
  1. Give a mini-lesson on the best ways to practice and prepare for timed DBQ essays including timing oneself, breaking down the tasks into analyzing the documents, coding, organizing information, creating a thesis statement, writing, and revising. 

  2. Have students create a preparation plan checklist in which they list and schedule in real time the various things they will do to prepare for the timed DBQ essay. 

  3. Complete practice essays and ask students to track the time they spend on each part of the task. Analyze the time and strategize with students to improve their time if necessary. This is a good time to individually confer with students because each student will be different on their timing.



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