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Casco Bay High School: Faculty Grading Guide


This extensive guide to Casco Bay's standards-based Grading System provides a useful model for schools seeking to develop their own Grading Policy Handbook. It helpfully describes the principles that underlie their system, in addition to providing practical tools, FAQ's, and guidance on such issues as homework and late assignments. See NMEF's "Making Mastery Work" and Springpoint's "Inside Mastery-Based High Schools: Profiles & Conversations" for an overall description of CBHS's practice and approach.

Publishing Organization 

Casco Bay High School

Type of Organization 

  • School or District


Grade Composition
Grade Reports
Grading Policy
Graduation Plan
Performance-Based Grading
Proficiency-Based Grading
Promotion Plan
Rating System
Scoring Rubrics

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  • School-Developed Resources