Making Mastery Accessible

The Mastery Learning Resource Bank is organized around a practitioners glossary of terms that inclueds working definitions and designers' tips, accompanies by a set of curated resources. Here, you can explore the best thinking in the field on topics such as Flexibly-Paced Learning, Personalization, and Learning Progressions, while also discovering what Data Backpacks are, and how to distinguish them from Learner Profiles.

The Resource Bank was developed in partnership with Springpoint, and supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York. This section of the Design Lab is very active. We are continually updating our curated resources and refining our working definitions.

Timely Support

Mastery systems are only as successful as their ability to offer students the specific support they need, when they need it. As students and teachers engage in learning activities, students who are moving at a slower pace receive more support with the goal of decreasing the gap between struggling students and their more "ready" peers.

Providing timely, differentiated support is incredibly challenging. It requires that that there are deep and broad sets of learning activities, assets and assessments readily available to teachers and students so that as gaps and confusions are identified, there are resources at hand to address them effectively. Our Checklist for Selecting Online Learning Assets provides a set of guiding questions that practitioners can ask themselves as they research online programs to support learning.

Our slideshow on Creative Scheduling and Grouping Plans accompanied by our Schedule and Calendar Prototyping Tool provide some initial tools to designers engaged in organizing their programs to respond nimbly to student support needs.

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