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reDesigners find collaborating with schools, in classrooms and staff-rooms, to be incredibly energizing and creative work. This section of the Design Lab houses the prototypes and other resources we have developed to support the work of our clients. Many of these tools were developed in close collaboration with our clients, others we created to broaden and deepen our skills and understanding of complex teaching and learning issues.

Teaching & Learning

Our clients are our thought-partners and collaborators. As we work together, we design new, customized tools to address the specific needs and interests of schools, teachers and leaders. The resources in this section of the Lab are a product of these collaborations.  

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Analyzing & Sharing Regents Results

A form teachers can use to document, analyze and share State Test results with students. While it was created for the New York State Regents Exams, it can easily be adapted for any State's High Stakes Tests...

Cornell Notes Graphic Organizer

A student-facing guide to help students recall the keys to taking Cornell-style notes, a powerful way for them to acquire content knowledge and practice three vital skills: setting purpose, determining...

Crosswalk: CCLS & Math Habits of Mind

The Math Habits of Mind (Cuoco, Goldenberg, and Mark, 1996) are a powerful lens for examining teaching and learning. This chart details the alignment between the Math Habits of Mind and the Common Core Math...

Developing & Refuting a Counterclaim

An Anticipation Guide for students to use when they write argumentative essays. The Guide is designed to help students develop and refute counterclaims, two skills emphasized in the Common Core standards. This...

FEI's 5 Components

A short overview describing the five key components of reDesign's Framework for Effective Instruction: Lesson Preparation, the Launch, the Investigation, Synthesis, and Teacher Reflection.

Guided Text Response Template

This is an advance organizer for students to use when composing evidence-based responses to texts developed in collaboration with Liberation High School.

Helping Struggling Students Reach the CCLS

This report documents an initiative organized by the New York City Department of Education, in collaboration with reDesign and its frequent collaborator, Eskolta. Working with up to 20 schools a year, the...

Learning Strategy Observables

How do instructional leaders, teachers, and students know when literacy strategies are part of a classroom's culture? This is a list of observable practices which makes clear what those strategies look like in...

Math Argument Template

Students use this template as they develop proofs in geometry. It was developed in collaboration with the High School for Excellence and Innovation.

Math Habits of Mind

A chart outlining the the Math Habits of Mind (Cuoco, Goldenberg, and Mark, 1996) that can serve as a classroom reference for students and teachers. It was developed in collaboration with the High School for...

Math: Analyzing a Word Problem

A graphic organizer students can use to "unpack" word problems and develop their metacognitive awareness by applying the skill of determining importance. This tool was developed in collaboration with...

Math: Making an Argument

An Anticipation Guide for students, this template helps users marshal and organize evidence when constructing arguments in mathematics. This tool was developed in collaboration with the High School for...