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reDesigners find collaborating with schools, in classrooms and staff-rooms, to be incredibly energizing and creative work. This section of the Design Lab houses the prototypes and other resources we have developed to support the work of our clients. Many of these tools were developed in close collaboration with our clients, others we created to broaden and deepen our skills and understanding of complex teaching and learning issues.

Instructional Coaching

Instructional Coaching is one of reDesign's core services. This section of the Lab provides a peek into some of the tools we use as we work with leaders and teachers in the classroom, at Department and Team meetings, and with Leadership Teams.  

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A Path to Rigorous & Relevant Instruction

A handbook that documents the theoretical underpinnings of reDesign's Framework for Effective Instruction: building background knowledge, mastering learning strategies, developing metacognitive skills,...

Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Framework

Effectively differentiating a lesson or assessment is a challenge, as is ensuring that students are appropriately challenged. This framework supports teachers as they align specific levels of Bloom's Taxonomy...

Blooming an Objective: Tool

"Blooming" objectives allows teachers to create well-aligned objectives, assessments, and activities across all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. This tool combines keywords and clear models with an organizer for...

Common Core Standards Planning Template

This tool provides a guide for breaking down the Common Core Standards, or any instructional objective, into a learning progression that includes instruction in the learning strategies.

Conference Planning Tool

A tool to help teachers prepare for student conferences, keeping the meetings focused on specific outcomes and understandings, and allowing for the documentation of next steps. This tool was developed in...

Crosswalk: FEI & The Danielson Framework

A Crosswalk that illustrates how reDesign's Framework for Effective Instruction, aligns with Danielson's Framework for Teaching and can enhance instructional practice by providing a clearer model of effective...

Data Tracking Record

A tool data teams can use to record and share students' level of performance, evidence of achievement, and the next instructional steps. It was developed in collaboration with Harlem Renaissance High School.

ELA Model Lesson Plan: Launch Phase

A sample ELA lesson that successfully illustrates the use of a think-aloud to create a strong lesson launch. It was developed by Michael Wolach, lead teacher at Jill Chaifetz High School.

Elements of Effective Coaching

This is an explanation for instructional leaders of the elements of effective instructional coaching; it was developed in collaboration with the staff of the East Brooklyn Community High School.

FEI Lesson Plan Feedback Form

A companion to the FEI Lesson-Planning Template, instructional leaders can use this tool to provide targeted feedback on the implementation of reDesign's Framework for Effective Instruction.