Dixie Tremblay


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Dixie Tremblay grew up in Florida, as the first American-born member of her Cuban family. She always knew that she would work in education and from her earliest days in the field she has stepped into leadership roles. Throughout her three decades in education, Dixie has worked closely with students  and their families, teachers, leaders, and educational entrepreneurs acting on her commitment to helping schools become more inclusive and supportive of under-served students. She has quietly turned around schools, launched new programs, worked within the system, and pushed the system to become a more welcoming, empowering, and supportive home for people of color, both students and adults. Early in her career she served as a teacher and the facilitator of an enrichment and recuperation program for “minority students.” Later, as a principal she successfully turned around one of New Hampshire’s lowest performing high schools. In Lawrence, MA, she led the District’s efforts to regain accreditation in her role as the K-12 Academic Coordinator for Social Studies. Her career has given her the opportunity to make a difference.  

As a Latina who has experienced both tremendous success and absolute failure within the system, she has a perspective that is important to hear. She credits Lewis Gitelman for being one of her greatest mentors as he mentored her when she was a new school leader. He taught her ways to communicate with her teaching staff about teaching and learning methodologies. She was able to develop a process to engage teachers, staff, and students in the learning process. Dixie’s passion professionally and personally involves choice. Her view is that the ability to make choices based on strengths is true personal power. She prides herself on being of service to people to assist them gaining the skills they need so that their choices and personal stories are not limited.

For the past several years, Dixie has been the Director of Instructional Coaching at reDesign, where she develops and supports reDesign’s coaches as they work with school leaders and teachers in some of the nation’s largest districts. It is through this work that she has taken a leadership role in the #New76%. She is continuously complimented on her organization and her belief in people. Dixie has had much joy in raising her two children who she feels are accepting, generous and kind. She enjoys traveling, reading, listening to music, watching movies and her most favorite is teaching which lifts her soul. She especially enjoys working with someone wrestling with a deep thought or difficult process and they finally get it.