Lew Gitelman

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As a young student Lew Gitleman had a difficult time thriving and learning in a conventional school environment. Understanding that not every student learns the same way, he knew he could be impactful as an educator. His passion is from a social justice perspective for education focusing specifically around demystifying learning and intelligence.  


Lew received his degree in teaching from Boston State College and then spent 11 years as a special education teacher for an alternative school Danvers Alternative School. After a year’s sabbatical Lew was then offered the position of Director at University High School a transfer school in Boston. Having established a very successful program at University High School, the district approached Lew and asked him to start and lead a high school for second language learners’, a position he that he held for five years at Boston Adult Technical Academy.  It has always been Lew’s mission to help students that are slipping through the cracks in the education system. The projects that Lew is most passionate about are those that support schools and districts in making school a place where the cracks are too small for students to fall through. He has been very integral in developing, creating, facilitating, and implementing pedagogy of teaching and learning over the last 45 years.  

In 2006, after 25 years as a teacher and school leader, Lew has been able to realize his dream by starting his own consulting practice reDesign LLC that he owns in partnership with his colleague Dr. Antonia Rudenstine. He is often complimented for how easy it is to communicate with him and helping teachers and school leaders to deconstruct the work so they can have an embedded understanding of the work. Lew’s personal passion lies in his love for sports and would play for free if he could and spending time with his son.