Linda Yu

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Linda began her career in education by participating in a two-year teaching fellowship at Citizen Schools. This experience solidified her passion for teaching math and developed her belief that all children deserve access to equal opportunities regardless of current academic standing, socioeconomic status or where they are from. With this purpose in mind, Linda proceeded to teach 6th grade math for three years at a public school in Chelsea, Massachusetts. During her time in Chelsea, Linda had the privilege of working with an incredible group of educators who have inspired her to constantly push the boundaries of her teaching. She realized teachers who work together and support each other hold significant power to positively impact student lives.


Linda is now currently working towards her Ed.M in the Learning and Teaching program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She hopes to deepen her understanding of what quality teaching looks like and how she can best support teachers. At reDesign, Linda will assist in a variety of math projects that will support teachers in helping all their students learn not only math content, but also skills in how to become lifelong learners.


Linda finds working in the field of education extremely rewarding and she is excited to continue this journey. Outside of work, Linda enjoys cooking, learning new recipes and visiting her family in upstate New York.