Morgan Hildesley

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Morgan Hildesley has been with reDesign for 5 years as an Instructional Coach. She personally values being able to serve as a resource to others. She has a passion for being a resource for individuals that she works with and enabling them to “internalize skills” that themselves will empower them to succeed in life. This is her calling and is a passion that links academics to ministry and builds on a family role to be a resource supporting individuals being able to find the courage to take on a challenge. She values enabling an individual to perceive that their choices can be power, that they can set goals for themselves and assess their progress and edit their actions to aim for having choices they make be as tightly aligned with the goals they have a desire to attain. She previously has worked with and taught students who were deaf before coming to reDesign.


Morgan credits the launch of her career in deaf Ed, and with deaf kids and a team of colleagues as strong foundation that is still influencing all her work in education. Morgan completed her Masters in Special Education for the Deaf, with emphasis on teaching literacy. Her students’ needs were similar to issues ESL students, non-deaf Special Ed students with language deficits, and many students all can have. This was a fundamental point in her career giving her a commitment to linking the academic goals set for students being tightly aligned with, and building on skills they have mastered. Her work supporting special need students with language and literacy assessment has been beneficial.


She has been in the field of education for nearly 25 years now and holds her work at reDesign as gratifying progression on perhaps her biggest accomplishment. In Massachusetts, she was on the team of professionals in the Boston Public Schools implementing the Boston Plan for Excellence. This was taking an entire urban district through the implementation of MCAS, a state-wide curriculum and state assessment. This work was doing for a state what became a model for the national version of curriculum a few years later. She was a member of a large team that had a coach in every school in Boston. South Boston High School was a traditional High School with 1800 students being broken into 3 smaller schools, supporting this transition was part of the Boston Plan for Excellence project. Student performance on the MCAS went from lowest in the district to the middle level of the district’s high schools. Morgan sees this as an example that change needs to benefit students, measurably.

Morgan finds her work truly rewarding, especially when teachers, students and principals celebrate their progress. Personally, outside of work, Morgan enjoys the arts, with particular passion for music, but also museums and live performance of all types. Being in New York also provides her the opportunity to be with her extended family, which is a gift she values deeply.






#1 Our Design Lab to Skill Development resource that supports teachers planning being framed around skills applied to content.





The explosion of technology is impacting every aspect of our society. Innovators are examining ways to embrace change, and aim for accelerated learning. There is a race to link interactive, real-time communication on-line with education that infuses new technology with traditional processing of information through conversation and written reflection.