Radhika Parithivel


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Radhika’s passion is to inspire action to create impact and provide solutions within the educational space. She brings years of experience as a special education high school educator and school leader. Her passion for teaching students with special needs came from watching her peers be judged and treated differently for having special needs. Her ability to relate comes from being a first-generationEast Indian immigrant who struggled with learning English and acclimating to school and life in the US with no support and being made fun of and treated differently while attending an almost all Caucasian school. Her ability to relate to students who learn differently have allowed her to help these learners be successful in graduating from high school and college. She prides herself on the many lasting relationships she has maintained with her former students. She cites Lewis Gitelman, co-owner and director of reDesign, LCC, as being one of her biggest influencers and mentor in her career. She often states that, “Lew taught me how to effectively teach students to empower themselves and fight for receiving a high-quality education.” Radhika has graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lesley University with a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Special Education and Educational Leadership. She has a Bachelor of Science from BostonUniversity in Elementary Education and Special Education. 

Her  K-12 curriculum design, developer and implementation includes the content areas of  financial literacy, violence prevention, AIDS/HIV prevention, middle school/high school dropout prevention, college and careers preparation, mentoring, conflict resolution, peer mediation, special education, math, science, English, history, cultural core competencies, parent engagement,  social justice issues,  character education, child development and single gender education. Her work has been adapted in major global markets including: Washington DC, New York, NY, Miami, FL, New Orleans, LA, Oakland, CA, Chennai, India, and Christchurch, NZ.

Ms. Parithivel has served as a trainer, presenter, and lecturer on topics of teacher recruitment and retention, teacher professional development, curriculum design, development and implementation and served as a featured trainer at NYC Department of Education, Boston Department of Education, Oakland, CA, Boston, New York City, and DC public charter schools, CITY YEAR – Boston.

She has been a nonprofit and educational consultant who has assisted in successfully chartering six public charter schools in Boston, MA, New York, NY and Washington, DC; consulted with international school leaders (Ghana, Africa, Chennai, India, Christchurch, NZ) specifically on curriculum and instruction and best practices in teacher recruitment and retention; chaired several state and national professional committees in the areas of special education, youth development and teacher professional development whose interest is professionalizing the field in the United States.   Ms. Parithivel continues to pioneer her success with small and medium nonprofit strategic planning, financial and fundraising planning, and business development.  Personally, Radhika enjoys traveling and trying new cuisines from all over the world. Radhika has managed to maintain relationships with students she started working with over 20 years ago, and spends time with them as well as her family and friends.





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