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August 7, 2017

The Story of Chugach: An Interview with Superintendent Dr. Bob Crumley

Sydney Schaef

Meet Dr. Crumley. Over twenty years ago, he was at the cutting edge of a transformational change effort in Chugach, Alaska. Now in his final year as Superintendent of the Chugach School District, he shares his change leadership story that is sure to challenge and inspire you. Click on the symbol to start listening, or find the 21-minute podcast here: Story of Chugach.

To learn more about the Chugach School District's transition to competency-based or "performance-based" learning, check out these additional resources from our friends at CompetencyWorks and EdSurge:


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Sydney Schaef

Sydney Schaef, M.BA., M.Ed., is an educator, entrepreneur, and school design consultant. She currently works as a Mastery Learning Designer at reDesign and a design consultant for Building 21. She served at the School District of Philadelphia from 2013-2015 in the Office of New School Models, and prior to that, served as Co-founder and Executive Director of a 501c3 nonprofit organization that led innovative education and youth development programs in East Africa. Follow Sydney on Twitter at @sydneyschaef.