Instructional Coaching and Professional Development

Driving Instruction with Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: CRP and the Competency-based Learning Cycle
May 1, 2019
In an October blog post, Everything I’ve Ever Needed to Know About Teaching, I Learned From Black Women: A Recommended Reading List, Akosua Lesesne highlighted the groundbreaking works of ten Black...
Organizing for a Learning-Centered Culture
December 3, 2018
Does your school, network or district recognize that Learning is Learning is Learning? When I first began working with reDesign’s Framework for Effective Instruction as a building-level...
Multiple Pathways to Success: NYC's Transfer School Institute
June 19, 2018
By Laurie Gagnon, Educational Designer at reDesign, in collaboration with reDesign team members Dixie Bacallao, Tracy Bauer, Morgan Hildesley, and Antonia Rudenstine This post originally appeared on...
North Queens Community High School: Blooming the Outcomes
September 21, 2016
This is the sixth post of my Mastering Mastery-Based Learning in NYC tour. Start with the first post on NYC Big Takeaways and then read about NYC’s Mastery Collaborative, The Young Woman’s Leadership...
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