Creatively Communicating Metacognition and Meaning Making: The Art of Visual Journaling for Learning
February 19, 2019
Back in July, Jon Altbergs wrote a post: 6 Ways to Use Drawing to Make Meaning. In it, he wrote about some simple activities that teachers across content areas could use to help students develop...
Everything I Needed to Know About Teaching, I Learned from Black Women: Recommended Reading List
October 25, 2018
Early Influencers So, the title of this blog is not completely true. Still, the majority of this piece details why it may as well be true for me and why it should be for you, too. First though, in...
Multiple Pathways to Success: NYC's Transfer School Institute
June 19, 2018
By Laurie Gagnon, Educational Designer at reDesign, in collaboration with reDesign team members Dixie Bacallao, Tracy Bauer, Morgan Hildesley, and Antonia Rudenstine This post originally appeared on...
Meet Angela, Our Equity-Driven, Empowering, and Transformative Educational Designer
May 29, 2018
Angela Stepancic has joined our team at reDesign after what has already been an impressive, revolutionary, and impactful career. In order to highlight her accomplishments and expertise, we connected...
What a Middle School Pen Pal Program Taught Me About Difficult Conversations
April 24, 2018
Our guest contributor, Catherine Epstein, highlights the power of a community that supports initiative, flexibility, and collaboration, and that honors human needs and humane values of empathy and...
#College Ready? Designing Projects for Historically Underserved Students
October 15, 2016
My first competency-based project began in 1993, as part of the founding design team of a small, alternative public high school in New York City. Like so many design teams we were committed to...
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