Leadership Coaching

Organizing for a Learning-Centered Culture
December 3, 2018
Does your school, network or district recognize that Learning is Learning is Learning? When I first began working with reDesign’s Framework for Effective Instruction as a building-level...
Multiple Pathways to Success: NYC's Transfer School Institute
June 19, 2018
By Laurie Gagnon, Educational Designer at reDesign, in collaboration with reDesign team members Dixie Bacallao, Tracy Bauer, Morgan Hildesley, and Antonia Rudenstine This post originally appeared on...
Meet Angela, Our Equity-Driven, Empowering, and Transformative Educational Designer
May 29, 2018
Angela Stepancic has joined our team at reDesign after what has already been an impressive, revolutionary, and impactful career. In order to highlight her accomplishments and expertise, we connected...
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