Teaching and Learning

Organizing for a Learning-Centered Culture
December 3, 2018
Does your school, network or district recognize that Learning is Learning is Learning? When I first began working with reDesign’s Framework for Effective Instruction as a building-level...
Meet Angela, Our Equity-Driven, Empowering, and Transformative Educational Designer
May 29, 2018
Angela Stepancic has joined our team at reDesign after what has already been an impressive, revolutionary, and impactful career. In order to highlight her accomplishments and expertise, we connected...
What a Middle School Pen Pal Program Taught Me About Difficult Conversations
April 24, 2018
Our guest contributor, Catherine Epstein, highlights the power of a community that supports initiative, flexibility, and collaboration, and that honors human needs and humane values of empathy and...
Can Literature Make Our Nation Less Insular?
March 22, 2017
I grew up in a “flyover” state that is most notable for its spotlight in a 1930’s film where a young lady tries to escape the ennui of her farm life by running away to something bigger and brighter,...
Let every voice be heard: 6 activities to spark better class discussion
October 3, 2016
Reflections on pedagogy that works for marginalized students   I have a confession: I hate class discussions. I hate them because they remind me of baseball--which, however, I do enjoy. So please...
Who asks the questions around here?
September 28, 2016
The day I stopped handing out packets of questions for students to answer at the end of each chapter of the novels I assigned my teaching changed. We Make the Road by Walking by Myles Horton, who...
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