Unlocking Algebra: Designing Discovery-based Math Lessons



COST: $450 (Early bird: $395)


Algebra is a gateway course. WIthout it, students are locked out of higher-level math courses, limiting their career and college opportunities. This institute will provide you with ways to develop creative, well-scaffolded investigations that engage students in the deep thinking necessary to tackle challenging mathematical tasks.

This Institute is about a powerful, inquiry-based approach to instructional design and delivery for Algebra concepts. One of the foundational concepts of the Institute is the importance of embedding Mathematical Habits of Mind into the design of discovery-based learning activities, ensuring that students, particularly those who struggle with mathematics, have the opportunity to gain explicit instruction and practice in applying key math strategies for problem-solving. In this Institute, you'll have the opportunity to not only experience high-quality model lessons in discovery-based mathematics that follow reDesign's Framework for Effective Instruction, you'll have the chance to design your own. By the time you'll leave, you'll have hands-on experience and a methodological toolkit for powerful curriculum design and delivery.



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We are glad you are asking! If this sounds like you, the answer is yes:

  • I feel like my students are struggling to gain conceptual understanding of Algebra
  • I am super open to new ways of designing and delivering my lessons that nurture curiosity, expand student talk, and allow for productive struggle
  • I would love to feel more confident and consistent in my approach to teaching mathematical practices and learning strategies to support struggling learners



We're excited to hear from you. Reach out to info@redesignu.org for questions or more information.


co-facilitated by:

Madonna Afriyie is a designer, educator, and instructional coach with 15+ years of experience in the field. She brings learning, and math, to life with her discovery-based approach. She's a gifted facilitator with a passion for designing experiences that foster deep thinking and meaningful, connected learning. Be ready to think (and rethink), explore, struggle, and emerge with new, actionable insights and field-tested methods and tools. She lives in New York City with her family.


co-facilitated by:

Lew Gildeman is a Co-founder and Director of reDesign. He brings 40+ years of experience to his work in leadership development and instructional coaching. He's the Zen master of teaching and embedding a metacognitive stance in learning as a path to learning and learner agency (kids, adults, all of us). He's also just Zen, in general. His signature style merges heartfelt empathy and principled accountability. Get to know Lew.


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