Meet The Team

We are a team of designers, instructional coaches, curriculum developers, writers, and researchers committed to ensuring that young people have the opportunity to engage deeply with ideas, learning the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Antonia Rudenstine

Co-founder, Creative Director
Competency-based Learning Designer

Angela Stepancic

Educational Designer / Consultant

Cathy Schwartz

Literacy Coach / Consultant

Claire Finn

Competency-based Learning Designer / Consultant

Gianna Cassetta

Instructional and Professional Learning Designer / Consultant

Jerri Fuller

Educational Designer / Consultant

Jon Altbergs

 Curriculum Designer

Kate Ullman-Shade

Literacy and Language Specialist / Consultant

Laurie Gagnon

Educational Designer

Madonna Afriyie

Math Coach / Consultant

Maria Akinyele

Instructional Coach / Consultant

Marie Watson

Leadership Coach / Consultant

Melissa Slater

Instructional Designer / Consultant

Ruth Oshman

Director of Operations


Sam Sherwood

Competency-based Learning Designer / Consultant

Sydney Schaef

Managing Director
Competency-based Learning Designer

Tracy Bauer

Instructional Coach

Vicky Kim

Impact Strategist