Curriculum and Assessment Design


reDesign's team brings rich experience and expertise to the design and development of rigorous, relevant, and engaging curriculum and assessment assets. Our portfolio of work includes:

  • Performance-based assessments ("Performance tasks")
  • Courses
  • Units and modules of study
  • Evidence maps
  • Model lessons
  • Tools and templates to support practitioners in the development of their own curriculum & assessment assets

Some of reDesign's resources are open-source and available in our Design Lab, others are available as part of an annual subscription. Contact us at if you'd like to learn more. 


Client Insights 

“SFF partnered with reDesign to design our curriculum and assessment assets and system. This project was no easy task, as we were looking for assets that aligned with the Common Core Standards, was competency based, would serve over-age, under-credited students, and could thrive within a blended learning environment. At the end of our first year, our students’ composite ACT Explore scores grew 2.5 points (from 10.5 to 13). The Explore English scores grew 5.3 points, from 10.5 to 15.8. While the math scores grew 1.3 points and the Science scores grew 2.7 points.”

Ephraim Weisstein, Founder, Schools for the Future


Work Exemplars




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