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Ask Your Authentic Guiding Questions


What questions will guide my work?

Learn to uncover your authentic guiding questions.

Time To Complete 

1-3 hours

Content Areas 

  • Math

Common Core Standards 

  • CCSS.MP.4

I Can Statements 

I can:

  • Ask questions to clarify and understand topics, texts, or tasks, explore my own ideas, and solve problems     
  • Describe the difference between “thick” and “thin” questions or categorize questions using another method such as Bloom’s Taxonomy or Costa’s Questioning Levels

I will know my questions are of high quality when they:

  • Clarify and extend my understanding of a text, topic, or task
  • Explore my own ideas
  • Help me to solve problems


Suggestions for Assessing Student Readiness to Move Forward:

  • Confer with students, asking them to share their questions about their topic, a specific text or problem, or their work, and explain how the questions deepen their understanding.
  • Ask students to self-evaluate their work after completing one of the activities below. 
Possible Activities 
  1. Break down students reluctance to ask questions by sharing articles (like those below) about how adult professionals struggle with asking questions too, but recognize its importance.

  2. Show students how to create a question web using mind mapping or using a simple on-line tool

  3. Students can use Bloom’s question stems to create questions. Have students create questions at each level and then compare the type of answers. How are the levels of questions different? How does the question impact the quality of the analysis? (http://goo.gl/Kc3V4B)

  4. Use Costa’s framework to classify questions: http://goo.gl/6FHhcb

  5. Have students create an “I Wonder” poem: http://goo.gl/rNS1tp

  6. Teach students the Question Formulation Technique: http://goo.gl/Xrh1lD

  7. Have students begin a KWL or KWHLAQ chart: http://goo.gl/qlNb26


The Importance of Asking Questions


Additional Question Stems

Downloadable Resources 
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