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Choose a Topic_EXP


What makes for a good expository paper topic?
Identify an issue, or a topic within a larger issue, that you either feel strongly about or wonder


Time To Complete 

1-3 hours

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.R.7
Possible Activities 
  1. If students have complete freedom over the issue or topic they select, you might model your own writing process by showing how you gather information about the world or consider things you are interested in writing more about. Model how you connect to news and issues based on your prior life experience, your interests, and what you read. You might also ask students to preview newspapers, watch news segments, and tune into radio news and discuss their connections.  You might have students think more about topics they have learned about in school or in other areas of their lives that may interest them and be important for others to understand

  2. Have students brainstorm several topics for their expository essay and ask them to write, draw or discuss each one for a few minutes.  They can use writing partners, re-read their own work, or ask the whole class for advice on which topic is the “thickest”, most relevant or most interesting.

  3. Have students review a list of expository essay prompts and develop thesis statements to accompany them in order to find one that most interests them. The idea behind this assignment is that if they can develop a strong thesis statement this may be a sign that they are invested in the topic. (See lists of prompts below.)

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