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Create a Thesis Statement_EXP


What is your main point in writing the expository essay?
Consider the research you have undertaken, and use it to inform the crafting of an evidence-based statement on the issue


Time To Complete 

1 hour

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.R.8
  • CCRA.W.1
Possible Activities 
  1. To help students narrow their topics, have them discuss or free-write about their understanding of the important facts on the issue they have researched. 

  2. To help students narrow their topics, create a class mural, asking all students to make a symbol for their issue or topic. After posting the symbols and explaining their topics, ask fellow students to describe their views on the topic and what is most important to share, either verbally or by placing a sticky note with comments next to particular symbols.

  3. Give students direct instruction in mini-lesson format on how to create a strong thesis statement based on facts.

  4. Give students groups of facts and have students create thesis statements.  Have students use provided criteria to evaluate the responses of their peers and make revisions to improve the thesis statements.

Downloadable Resources 
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