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Determine/Find and Organize Relevant Facts, Details and Explanations_EXP


What information have you discovered that supports your thesis on this topic?  How do you think about the information that undermines your position?
Review your notes and find compelling quotes, facts, statistics, interviews, “artifacts”, and personal stories that support your thesis. Keep track of those that undermine your position, as you will also need to think about how to respond to counterclaims and conflicting evidence.

Time To Complete 

1-4 hours

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.W.1
  • CCRA.W.4
Possible Activities 
  1. Give a mini-lesson on how to choose relevant and compelling details and how to match details to topic sentences

  2. Model choosing facts and details for your topic, including several extra facts and details that are off-task. Ask the student to help identify which information supports your position and which is extraneous

  3. Give students groups of facts, details, and explanations and have them work together to choose which they would match with various topic sentences.  Have them write or verbally justify their responses to the group.

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