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Enroll Support for Your Event_PaE


How can you get others excited about your idea so you can get help?
Create and implement a plan to enroll at least one other person to support your event.  


Time To Complete 

1 Day

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.SL.1
  • CCRA.SL.4
  • CCRA.W.1
  • CCRA.W.4

I Can Statements 

  • I can:
    • Identify potential supporters for my event
    • Identify and apply various strategies for enlisting support for my event, such as letter writing, making phone calls, or otherwise reaching out to potential supporters
  • I will know my enrollment of support for my event is of high quality if it:
    • Considers a wide range of potential supporters
    • Includes specific strategies for enlisting support, which are matched to potential supporters by considering which approaches are most likely to be effective for that group
Possible Activities 
  1. Conduct a mini-lesson in which you teach students about the various people who might support their events, including volunteers to help set up, or sponsors who might donate goods, location, or money; and various strategies for eliciting support for a cause, such as writing a letter or proposal, making solicitation calls, or having event meetings with key players

  2. Have students compose a letter or sign-up sheet to enlist support. For example, write a letter to the principal to request use of the auditorium; post a sign-up sheet in the school for staff or student body support; or contact local businesses to request sponsorship

  3. Have students advertise, plan an agenda for, and conduct a planning meeting for their event for volunteers to attend

  4. Have students write mini-speeches and give to the class to convince classmates to join their planning team.

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