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Executive Summary_EXP


If you had two minutes to tell someone about your issue and your position on it, what would you say?
Create a document that prepares you to present the essential points of your expository essay to a larger audience.


Time To Complete 

2 hours

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.W.6
Possible Activities 
  1. Have student partners read copies of each other’s final paper. Ask them to highlight what is the most interesting and essential information. When they return the papers to their author they can discuss why they think items should be included or left out.

  2. Have students code their own and each other’s paper using the same codes that were used in the formative assessment on “Exploring the Genre of Persuasive Expository Writing.” Then, have the author use the codes to create a bulleted list of main points.


Downloadable Resources 
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