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Explore the Genre of Infographics_Info


What is an infographic?
Develop a clear enough understanding of the characteristics of this genre to be able to explain your understanding to others.

Time To Complete 

1 Day

I Can Statements 

I will know my exploration of the infographic is of high quality when:

  • I can identify the elements that define the infographic, such as data and imagery.

Suggestions for Assessing Student Readiness to Move Forward:

  • Confer with students to check their understanding of the elements of the infographic.
  • Provide students an anchor text and ask them to code or otherwise identify the elements of persuasive writing.
Possible Activities 
  1. Conduct a mini-lesson on infographics focusing on form (a visual representation of data to present a position) and their benefits (appeal, comprehension, and retention).

  2. Provide several exemplars and ask students to select 2-3 to examine and create a list of similarities in structure, craft, and form. Or use a jigsaw format, where students work in groups, and each group reads texts about the genre of infographics and examines a different exemplar. Then groups reorganize so that the new groups each have one representative from the former group. Each representative shares their learning with the others in this new group to create a collective understanding of the genre.                                      

  3. Using exemplar infographics of various types, instruct students to view the infographic and identify the information that jumps out at them. Ask students to identify various design elements and how they are arranged to be noticed and to ensure comprehension (graphs, maps, keys, colors, or pictures). Students can identify the accompanying information that helps in the understanding of the data. Students can record any questions the infographic raises about the data or the related information. 

  4. Have students explore the Internet searching for and identify infographics of trends and issues they find most interesting. Share their finds on a projector or interactive whiteboard. Save them on a class wiki so students can refer back to these ideas when they are "stuck" working on their own visual products. 

  5. Ask students to examine two exemplars and put the following codes on the elements used:

    • AP: What does the designer use to engage the audience?
    • CP: What tools does the author use to help the audience comprehend the data presented?
    • RT: What tools does the author use to ensure the data is memorable and will be retained? 
  6. Instruct students to write a brief paragraph on each of the codes explaining and justifying their responses.

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