How can you improve your draft?
Using feedback from a peer and/or teacher, strengthen your draft by ensuring your facts and details are relevant, your organization is clear and strong, and your use of voice is strong and appropriate to the audience. 

Time To Complete 

3-5 hours

Common Core Standards 

  • CCRA.W.4
  • CCRA.W.5
Possible Activities 
  1. Try using the STAR revision protocols developed by Kelly Gallagher. (See resources below.)


  2. Give students a mini-lesson where you model taking a piece of feedback and creating a revision in your writing piece.  Show them specifically how authors make choices to accept or reject feedback from peers based on their intended goals. 

  3. Have students create a revision plan which addresses the feedback they were given and states their plans for making changes in their drafts.


  4. Give students a mini-lesson on how to insert revisions or, if using technology, “track changes”, so you can see and assess revisions made.


  5. After reviewing the revision plans or the revised drafts, you may want to create specific mini-lessons or guided groups to address deficiencies you see embedded in student work.

Downloadable Resources 
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