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This section of the Design Lab houses more than 200 activities strategically selected to support young people in learning key skills. Most of the activities can be used in classrooms across multiple content areas (including math!). The Learning Strategy Buttons and Search Filters will provide you with many different ways to explore the collection, allowing you to quickly identify activities for specific instructional plans.

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Writing Self-Statements

  • Investigation
  • Reflection
This activity guides students in setting and reaching goals in their writing processes and writing strategy use. It encourages metacognition and self-directed learning. Students learn to use “self-statements”...

WWW, What=2, How=2

  • Investigation
  • Synthesis
WWW, What=2, How=2 (Danoff et al., 1993) guides students in the process of telling a story by providing them with a mnemonic that aids recall of essential story elements. Students learn the mnemonic WWW, What=...