Making Mastery Accessible

Where are you in your journey toward building a mastery-based or competency-based learning system? What types of tools and resources could strengthen your efforts? What knowledge-building experiences could help ease the learning curve for you and your team? Which exemplar models in the field are available to learn from and build upon?


These are some of the key questions that led us to create Making Mastery Accessible, an open source knowledge-building project developed in partnership with Springpoint, and supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

In support of the important work of expanding mastery learning in school communities across the nation, Making Mastery Accessible offers you: 

Roadmap for Mastery Learning

A Roadmap for building a comprehensive mastery learning system from start to finish, with a recommended sequence of steps and designer's tips.

Mastery Learning Design Guides

Guides to support you with critical design steps -- such as adopting competencies and building mastery-based grading and promotion policies.

A Resource Bank for Mastery Learning

A Glossary of the key terms in the field of mastery learning, with a growing set of linked, curated resources for learning design, and implementation.