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Benchmarked Student Work


Samples of student products, pegged to specific performance level indicators. The student work provides teachers and students with a reference point: an example of what student work should look like at particular grade levels or performance levels.


  • Meaningful Assessment

Designer's Tips 

"Before you begin, consider developing a set of protocols to guide the process of collecting, annotating, sharing, and evaluating benchmarked student work samples. Use the following questions to help get you started: Where will we store digital copies of student work? How should we name and organize the files? Who is responsible for making sure the work is anonymized? Who will annotate the work to justify the ratings that a piece of work has earned? Who should be involved in validating the level at which a piece of work is benchmarked to ensure accuracy?

Tips for a Short Implementation Time-Line 

In year 1, collect samples of student work and have the staff collaborate to benchmark it against the Performance-Level Indicators. If there's time to collect some samples before opening, so much the better.