Performance Tasks

We recently asked the question “What will our students face when they get to college?” We reviewed the syllabi of core Freshmen Courses from highly selective schools such as MIT, to more open schools, like Michigan's Alma College. We learned that most college freshmen are asked to undertake an identifiable set of Tasks, totaling 90-100 pages of polished writing: argumentative essays, research papers, expository essays, problem sets, mathematical models, and lab reports.

Our Performance Task Guides will support you as you design rigorous, engaging, Common Core-aligned tasks with and for students. 


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Formative Tasks

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Visual Journaling

As the culture of the 21st Century has become saturated with images and visual media, it only makes sense that individuals would respond through using a combination of images, visual media, and text. Visual Journaling is a reflective process that involves exploring concepts, ideas, and thoughts visually in order to...