Skills Development

As educators, we often identify key skills that our students need to learn, but it can be challenging to find activities that specifically address these skills. This part of the Design Lab is devoted to our evolving "Learning Genome" of essential skills, critical for college and career preparation. At this time, we have identified 45 skills. Accompanying each skill description is a growing catalog of associated activities.

As you explore, you will see that each skill is associated with specific learning strategies. The Search Filters will allow you to search for skills associated with individual Common Core Standards, specific content areas, etc.


Inferring is the work of "reading between the lines" of a text, looking for symbolism, theme, and author's point of view and intention. While this is a sophisticated reading strategy, many young people instinctively apply it to their personal lives as they navigate their families, friendships, and teachers. These activities will allow you to introduce inferring to students within an academic context.

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