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reDesigners find collaborating with schools, in classrooms and staff-rooms, to be incredibly energizing and creative work. This section of the Design Lab houses the prototypes and other resources we have developed to support the work of our clients. Many of these tools were developed in close collaboration with our clients, others we created to broaden and deepen our skills and understanding of complex teaching and learning issues.

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Guided Text Response Template

This is an advance organizer for students to use when composing evidence-based responses to texts developed in collaboration with Liberation High School.

Guided Text Response Template

A student-facing Anticipation Guide that helps students employ three key skills while reading: setting purpose, questioning, and summarizing. The information they record can then be used to craft an evidence-...

Helping Struggling Students Reach the CCLS

This report documents an initiative organized by the New York City Department of Education, in collaboration with reDesign and its frequent collaborator, Eskolta. Working with up to 20 schools a year, the...

Higher-Order Thinking Questions Planner

Developed in collaboration with the staff of North Queens High School, this is a tool for teachers to plan opportunities in a lesson for students to respond to higher-order thinking questions.

Humanities Model FEI Lesson

A model humanities lesson, built around Nwokoye's "Mixed Blessings", that successfully illustrates the elements of reDesign's Framework for Effective Instruction.

Identifying the Skills in a Task

Designed to support teachers as they develop learning progressions, this template organizes teachers' thinking as they break down a complex task into its component skills. This tool was developed in...

Learning Strategy Observables

How do instructional leaders, teachers, and students know when literacy strategies are part of a classroom's culture? This is a list of observable practices which makes clear what those strategies look like in...

Math & Bloom's Taxonomy

An adaptation of Bloom's Taxonomy for use in the math classroom. This reference provides teachers with a way to create well-aligned objectives, activities, and assessments at each level of Bloom's Taxonomy...

Math Argument Template

Students use this template as they develop proofs in geometry. It was developed in collaboration with the High School for Excellence and Innovation.