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reDesigners find collaborating with schools, in classrooms and staff-rooms, to be incredibly energizing and creative work. This section of the Design Lab houses the prototypes and other resources we have developed to support the work of our clients. Many of these tools were developed in close collaboration with our clients, others we created to broaden and deepen our skills and understanding of complex teaching and learning issues.

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Math Habits of Mind

A chart outlining the the Math Habits of Mind (Cuoco, Goldenberg, and Mark, 1996) that can serve as a classroom reference for students and teachers. It was developed in collaboration with the High School for...

Math Habits of Mind Rubric

This is a tool for assessing how well students use the Common Core Mathematical Practices and the Mathematical Habits of Mind (Cuoco, Goldenberg, and Mark, 1996).

Math: Analyzing a Word Problem

A graphic organizer students can use to "unpack" word problems and develop their metacognitive awareness by applying the skill of determining importance. This tool was developed in collaboration with...

Math: Blooming an Objective

A model of the process of "Blooming an Objective" using an example from Algebra. The model includes well-aligned objectives, assessments, and activities across all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Math: Making an Argument

An Anticipation Guide for students, this template helps users marshal and organize evidence when constructing arguments in mathematics. This tool was developed in collaboration with the High School for...

Math: Sentence Stems for Writing

Teachers and students often don't know where to begin when it comes to writing in the math classroom. This tool helps teachers create prompts and scaffolding for writing assignments. It was developed in...