Design Roadmap

When designing a Mastery Learning System, which elements should come before others? What resources from the field are available to adopt, and what should be designed in-house? Which components are highest priority for launch, and which can wait until further down the road?  Our new design tool, Roadmap for Implementing a Mastery Learning System, was created as a step-by-step guide to help you approach the design and implementation of your Mastery Learning System in a way that maximizes your team's time and resources, while building on the best exemplars in the field.


Roadmap for Designing a Mastery Learning System*


The Roadmap for Implementing a Mastery Learning System includes a recommended sequence for your design work, a description of steps, a rationale for the sequence, and designer tips to help you along the way. Note that while our Mastery Resource Bank is full of curated resources that touch upon each element listed in the graphic above, the colored squares indicate where a specific design tool has been created by our team to support your design efforts. Here are a few suggested steps to help you get started:

The Roadmap for Implementing a Mastery Learning System was developed in partnership with Springpoint, and supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York.