Instructional Coaching and Professional Development


Using a school-wide approach to teaching and learning, reDesign coaches work with practitioners in intensive classroom-based relationships, coupled with department, team and full school professional development. In partnership with practitioners we build instructional capacity through:

  • Co-teaching experiences
  • Collaboration on lesson and curriculum planning
  • Observation and feedback
  • Facilitation of professional development
  • Facilitation of data analysis and data-guided decision-making

Many of our open-source tools and templates are available in our Design Lab. You can also "Like" our Facebook page, where we curate engaging and valuable links on teaching and learning.


Client Insights

“I’ve always been creative and had good ideas about projects. In working with a reDesign coach I’ve learned how to scaffold the curriculum with literacy skills and meta-cognitions so that students get what they need in order to actually enjoy learning. 84% of our over-age, under-credited math students passed the NY Math Regents exam this year.”
Eric Delcarn, Math Teacher, North Queens Community High School


Work Exemplars




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