Leadership Coaching


reDesign coaches provide collegial, honest, and timely feedback and support to leaders. As thought-partners, we engage in activities such as:

  • Instructional leadership capacity-building
  • Instructional leadership team development
  • School culture and academic program reviews
  • Strategic planning
  • Functional audits.

Many of our tools and templates are open-source and available in our Design Lab.

Client Insights 

"Before working with reDesign, we had restructured our day, our curriculum, and our staff. We had spent hours developing competencies and creating hands-on projects. And we still weren't getting the results our students needed. When we implemented the Framework for Effective Instruction, I finally came to understand that our student outcomes wouldn't improve until we turned our efforts and energy toward improving instruction. After 2 years, Epping High School was designated the 2nd most improved high school in NH.”
Barbara Muncie, Superintendent , NH


Work Exemplars




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