Mastery Learning Systems Design


reDesign works with districts, networks, and individual schools to develop mastery learning systems that maximize personalization through:

  • Design of a mastery-based advancement system
  • Articulation of explicit, measurable competencies
  • Design and implementation of meaningful and positive assessment opportunities
  • Development of programs that allow students to access timely, differentiated support
  • Organization of an academic program around learning outcomes that emphasize the creation and application of knowledge

reDesign's team has developed extensive open-source resources on Mastery Learning, available in the Mastery Learning section of our Design Lab.


Client Insights 

"Your support in the launch of our two mastery-based schools has been invaluable. Your ability to work hand-in-hand with both central office and school-based staff to bridge the gap between the District's conceptual system of mastery learning and on-the-ground implementation has been supportive, practical, and rigorous. Your coaches have been key to helping us develop school-based systems mastery learning that are transforming teacher practice, student learning, and the overall functioning of our schools."
Grace Cannon, Executive Director of New School Models, School District of Philadelphia


Work Exemplars




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