My Piece of the Puzzle

  • Transformational Change, and leading change
  • Team development -The human side of collaboration
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching – the intersection of personal and professional development
  • Teaching and Learning for conceptual understanding and transfer
  • Playing with ideas- the more the better
  • Getting adults to change their practice

My Background

Living and working in Asia and Africa for the last 20 years have had a tremendous impact on my life and work. My love of people, culture and adventure inspire me to ask what if?, to shake things up and push the boundaries of what has always been. My life has been a constant cycle of learning, often in contexts and languages that I have no prior experience. This has created the perfect lab for me to theorize and test approaches and models for learning both formally and informally. I am a lifelong student and apprentice in the process of learning.

What Brings Me Joy in the World

I love spending time on the water, with my family (including our family pups!), and traveling!

What I’ve Been Inspired to Work On

Thinking deeply about what is important for learners to know, understand, and be able to do and how to translate that into authentic learning experiences really lights me up!

I am also fascinated by the human side of our work. I like to dig deep into processes like cross-cultural leadership and collaboration and help others reflect on and connect to processes and tools that support the relational aspect of our lives and work.

Learning Communities & Credentials

  • BS in Business, Marketing and Public Relations from Peace College
  • Teacher Certification Campbell University
  • MsED Education Leadership Bank Street College of Education
  • Certified Coach

From our reDesign community to yours, we look forward to connecting, co-designing, learning, and sharing with you.