My Piece of the Puzzle

I am an instructional coach who designs professional learning for educators and counselors that includes practical tools to help students be successful and create space for them to process the emotional toll of this work that often goes unaddressed.

My Background

I very clearly remember my parents studying for their GED exams when I was in middle school. They both dropped out of high school but were avid readers and learners. Growing up education was important but they also emphasized that a lot of learning happens outside of school. As an educator the work I am most passionate about is with the young people who have been failed by the system. Much like the experience of my parents, a former student once said to me, “I love learning. I just don’t like school.” I am most interested in how we make conventional schools work better for all students and how we embrace the learning that happens outside of those walls.

Learning Communities & Credentials

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, SUNY Oswego

  • Concentration: Public Policy and Administration
  • Minors: Women’s Studies and Health Science

Master of Science, Adolescent Education, The College of Saint Rose

  • NYS Permanent Certification: Adolescent Education (7-12 Social Studies)
  • Thesis: African American Student Voice and White Privilege

What Brings Me Joy in the World

Solitude brings me joy, whether that is hiking in a remote area of the world or reading a book in the hammock in the backyard.

What I’ve Been Inspired to Work On

I am inspired by any work that focuses on students who have been left behind or pushed out of our education system, whether that is supporting the practices of their educators/counselors or developing student-facing tools that help them embrace a love of learning.

From our reDesign community to yours, we look forward to connecting, co-designing, learning, and sharing with you.