My Piece of the Puzzle

Designing learning experiences that work with, not against, the natural flow of human biology, is my jam. I also bring a non-educator’s perspective to our work, so I’m always looking for ways to break down the many silos and boundaries that exist between ideas, people, and systems in education. I also try to bring a lovingly radical perspective on system transformation from my background in mutual aid networks and grassroots community organizing.

My Background

I grew up with brilliant, creative, curious friends, the type of children for whom school should be a paradise — and yet they despised our school, and seemed to feel that our school despised them. I learned very quickly that this system was not built to cultivate the genius that hides in each of us — and that felt like wasteful, unjust, and inhuman.

In college, I stumbled unknowingly into a life-changing learning experience at the USC Brain & Creativity Institute, where I spent four years as a research assistant soaking in a revolutionary perspective on learning, feeling, and emotion which I owe to my wonderful mentor Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, and the paradigm-shifting work of the BCI’s director, Antonio Damasio.

I’ve emerged with a resolute belief in the hidden genius of every human being, a belief I understand through the biological language of feeling, emotion, and cognition. Nowadays, I spend my time designing learning experiences that will uncover that genius in ALL learners, and cultivate it for the shared purpose of human flourishing.

Learning Communities & Credentials

  • National Merit Scholar 2016
  • B.A. in Neuroscience & Education
  • Research Assistant at the USC Brain & Creativity Institute

What Brings Me Joy in the World

I’ve played el joga bonito (the beautiful game) since I could walk, and football is a part of who I am, and how I understand the world. I live a nomadic life right now, exploring the human tapestry by traveling all over the world and weaving myself in where I can. I’m an urbanist at heart, but my spirit always longs for the peaceful solitude of the wilderness. I can’t remember the dates of my friend’s birthdays, but I can tell you the dates of my favorite Grateful Dead shows. Language is my favorite art form, and the only thing that can distract me from a good book is bad typography. Wait — what font is this going to be published in?

What I’ve Been Inspired to Work On

Designing a new, concept-based framework for K-12 content in the biological sciences [RCM Life Sciences]

Building professional development experiences for South Carolina educators that are exploring personalized learning. [SC Competency Fellowship]

Writing about the fundamental relationship between learning, biology, and democracy.

From our reDesign community to yours, we look forward to connecting, co-designing, learning, and sharing with you.