Program Design


 reDesign works with clients to craft Institutes and Initiatives that allow districts and networks to serve multiple stakeholders. Our Institutes are interactive and hands-on; participants leave with activities and materials they can use in the classroom the next day. In order to maximize job-embedded learning, events occur within classrooms and schools, as well as in venues that bring adults from multiple sites together to collaborate.


Client Insights 
“Over the past decade, I have repeatedly selected reDesign to collaborate on the design of Professional Learning Institutes because of their integrated approach to the design of teaching and learning communities, for adults and young people. Their blend of creativity and practicality have allowed us to design programs that schools are eager to participate in for multiple years.”
Lynette Lauretig, Sr. Director of Multiple Pathways, Office of Postsecondary Readiness, New York City Public Schools


Work Exemplars




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