CBL Curriculum Project: High School

Land Ho!

How do neighborhoods change and evolve over time? What did the area you live in used to look like? What will your community look like in 10 years? 20 years? What stores will exist? Where will people live?

In this unit, students explore the different factors that influence a community and the ways the space in an area is used. Land use and the factors that determine how parts of a community are developed are massive influences on communities throughout human society.

As the final performance task, learners take new knowledge about land usage and its impact on Southern California to create a pitch for the local city council about how an available parcel of land should be developed in their neighborhood. Will it become a business? Housing? A park? A government building? Some other option?

Students examine the past, design solutions, and take action.

Designed for CIrculos High School, Santa Ana, CA. 2019