Our Curriculum Design Approach

Check out this design approach to community housing that’s kind of how we think about curriculum design projects.

Half A House Builds A Whole Community: Elemental’s Controversial Social Housing

Teachers and students know their context best: state and district standards and assessments, passions and interests, learning strengths and gaps, identities and lived experiences. But, they often don’t have the time and resources to devote to the design of high-quality projects and modules packed with scaffolds and student tools. reDesign’s mission is to support deep learning for students, while simultaneously acknowledging the incredible time and resource challenges that teachers face. 

Our solution: build ~50% of the project or module, and support teachers in adapting the solid frame we design to their own context. reDesign’s overviews and guides, offer a strong project pathway and frame, with tips, strategies, exemplars and resources…and then we hand over the customized learning experience design to the experts in the classroom.

Go halvsies with us! Let’s co-design really cool, relevant, rigorous, scaffolded learning experiences together!

Here are some examples of curriculum projects we have designed for clients.

Notice the ‘frame’, the strong inquiry thread, the competency integration, the cycles and structures that make learning visible, and the real-world, community-focused products that students are creating.